Friday, 19 October 2012


I have resumed using my sketchbooks. I started the year well enough, doing something most days in January. Then I stopped - for no apparent reason. I have missed it, but this week I found the time have come to start again and have some lovely playtime.  And because this is the kind of stuff I love to see in other people's blogs - I thought I would share. 

This is my 'wet/play/messy' area in my studio. I have one in the conservatory too.

 In no particular order

Colours I rarely use - should try that more often

 Favourite colours

Mixed colours

Elegant colours

Not a lot of writing on my part 
Something new I have learnt this year: Zen doodling

Most relaxing 

This book by Sue Bleiwiss arrived in the post recently and it is as yummy inside as on the front. Looking forward to reading it. 

And see The Sketchbook Challenge blog here.

Why not have a go yourself? Enjoy!


Marie Costa said...

Thank you for sharing these pages. Sketchbooks are some of my favourite things to see on a blog and your designs really speak to me, we have similar design taste. Thanks again.

Mai-Britt Axelsen © said...

Thanks Marie - I would love to see your sketchbooks.

Julie said...

Thank you for sharing your work space and your sketchbooks Mai-Britt, it's always interesting to see other people's work. I am always full of good intentions to work in a sketchbook regularly but even though I enjoyed and felt inspired by Dionne Swift's sketchbook workshop I'm still not finding the time to continue with working in mine.

Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

Thank you, Julie. I sometimes find the time while watching TV. Book and culture shows where you don't have to watch all the time and I sometimes do the framework first with templates etc.

Jeannie said...

Lovely work. I look forward to enjoying the rest of your posts. Thanks for following my blog, too.

Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

Thank you very much ;O)

Living to work - working to live said...

Just found this lovely entry on your sketchbooks. But have you been a bit off your blog lately. Would love to see what else you are working on.

Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

Thank you for your kind words - thanks for getting me back on track, I have just posted a new post. :D